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The coronavirus outbreak is heavily taxing the healthcare system, making it hard for some people to access essential medications. Matters are even more complicated by the fact that many ill people must stay inside, but they have to go pick up their prescriptions from a pharmacy.

Order a Prescription Online
Ordering online is a great way to get an out-of-stock prescription. Online orders will let patients get a notification when the medication is back in the store. When possible, scheduling for pickup or delivery of the medicine can help reduce risks of the person catching coronavirus.

Ask a Doctor About Getting an Advanced Supply
Patients worried about having to risk their health with each pharmacy visit should speak to their doctor about changing their prescription. A doctor can provide an extension so that patients can get a supply for up to 90 days. This can significantly cut back on the number of times patients have to leave the safety of their homes.

Contact the Coronavirus Crisis Help Line
The exact number may vary depending on where a person lives, but most regions have set up helplines meant to make sure citizens can still access essential items during this trying time. This can put people in touch with advocates who can take the steps needed to alert manufacturers to shortages and coordinate delivery for patients.

Talk Directly to the Local Office for the Medication Manufacturer
Those who cannot find a required medication at any local stores should do a little research to find the regional office for the company that makes the medication. In some cases, the company may be able to tell patients where the medication is currently sold, so they can find it even when it is at a small pharmacy or office they would never visit.

Speak to the FDA
The Food and Drug Administration is generally in charge of medications and medication supply, so they are a good option as a last resort. Talking to them can let them know that there is a problem with producing an essential medication. In some cases, they may be able to help patients find an available source of the medication.